3 Pack: Batman Fidget Spinners

3 Pack: Batman Fidget SpinnersTI-BATFS-3PK-3.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/G1g7EB
Product Linkhttp://www.tagcousa.com/BFS2

A small, pocket-sized piece for a simple and discrete way to focus, provides stress relief, and deep thought. Provides hours of fun with its simple addictive design. Highly collectible Batman Batarang design. Vanquish villains and fidgeting at the same time! High-quality material. Smooth rotation.

  • 3 Pack
  • Collectible Batarang Design
  • Great for Anxiety
  • ADHD Relief
  • Stress Buster
  • Gotham Fixer
  • Colors may repeat