Camo Infinity Scarf

Color: Black
BlackTI-ENRCIS-BLA8419171288410.0 oz
GreenTI-ENRCIS-GRE8419171288580.0 oz
RedTI-ENRCIS-RED8419171288650.0 oz
BrownTI-ENRCIS-BRO8419171288720.0 oz
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A scarf is much more than an article of clothing to keep your neck warm, in fact, it is an essential fashion piece that can make or break your entire outfit. Meet your newest secret style weapon--the camo inifinty scarf. This scarf features a modern camo print and the loop style that is simply unforgettable. Give yourself the gift of fearless fashion sense and purchase this beauty today.

  • Infinity or loop style 
  • Lightweight and warm 
  • Perfect for day or evening looks 
  • Available in your color choice of Black, Green,  Brown or Red.