Canvas Button-Top Totes

Color: Olive
OliveXIX-ROVXBTT-OLI8419171250310.0 oz
KhakiXIX-ROVXBTT-KHA8419171250480.0 oz
BrownXIX-ROVXBTT-BRO8419171250620.0 oz
BlackXIX-ROVXBTT-BLA8419171250550.0 oz
Warehouse NameROVIGO
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A tote offers freedom. Freedom to carry or in this case, tote, all your necessities to your desired destination. Three Zipper compartments keep your stuff safe and sound as you trek around the city. Find freedom with this tote, you will love the ease and the style. 

  • Includes 2 totes, mini and regular 
  • Sturdy canvas construction 
  • Adjustable cross-body strap 
  • Available in your choice of Olive, Khaki, Brown, or Black