Chromatic Makeup Brushes (8-Pieces)

Chromatic Makeup Brushes (8-Pieces)LS-8WENCMB8419171491743.45 oz
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Makeup application isn't rocket science, but it certainly requires the right tools. Create a flawless look with these must-have Chromatic Makeup Brushes. Each brush has been designed with a specific purpose in mind so you can achieve the latest runway looks. 

  • Includes 8 brushes
  • Eyebrow Brush, Flame Brush, Power Brush, 2 x Eyeshadow Brush, Lip Brush and
  • 2x Concealer Brush
  • Chromatic handles
  • Perfect for flawless makeup application

Eyebrow brush: 7''x 0.3'' (HxW)
Flame brush: 7''x 0.5'' (HxW)
Power Brush: 7''x 0.7'' (HxW)
Eye shadow brush: 7''x 0.2'' (HxW)
Eye shadow brush: 7''x 0.2' (HxW)
Lip Brush: 7''x 0.2'' (HxW)
Concealer brush: 7''x 0.23'' (HxW)
Concealer brush: 7''x 0.2'' (HxW)