Complete Orthopedic Bunion Corrector and Relief Kit (8-Piece)

Complete Orthopedic Bunion Corrector and Relief Kit (8-Piece)BUN-5-BUNION-3478419171723320.0 oz
Warehouse NameBUNDLE #347(TI-TSBSENG + TI-2JUSBC + TI-NOLDS + JB7936-2PK)
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This bunion corrector and relief kit is designed to reduce bunion formation and gently relieve discomfort associated with bunions

Set Contents
  • 2 exercise straps
  • 2 gel separators
  • 2 silicone shields
  • 2 bunion splints
  • Helps reduce bunion pain and formation
  • Realigns toes to their natural position
  • Can relieve pain and discomfort
  • Durable design
How it works
  • Exercise straps realign toes
  • Gel separators revert toes to their natural alignment
  • Silicone shield relief to the big toe area
  • Bunion splint helps guide toes to a natural position
  • Exercise strap: 2.75”x1.5”x0.2”
  • Gel separators: 4”x2”x2”
  • Silicone shields: 3.5”x1”x1”
  • Bunion splints: 5.5”x1.5”x0.15”