Elite Lightweight Calf Compression Sleeves (1-Pair)

Color: Gray
Size: Small/Medium
Gray / Small/MediumEF-KORCS-GRA-M8419171983942.0 oz
Gray / Large/XLEF-KORCS-GRA-L8419171984242.5 oz
Green / Small/MediumEF-KORCS-GRE-M8419171984172.0 oz
Green / Large/XLEF-KORCS-GRE-L-2.5 oz
Orange / Small/MediumEF-KORCS-ORA-M8419171984312.0 oz
Orange / Large/XLEF-KORCS-ORA-L8419171984482.5 oz
Warehouse NameKORNET
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Product Linkhttp://bit.ly/2RAUaXK
  • Compression support to the calf to help reduce muscle oscillation and improve warm-up and recovery.
  • Zoned Breathability panels - for greater airflow
  • Seamless Construction - throughout for greater comfort.
  • Compression Support - to calf and shin
  • Graduated Compression - for improved warm-up and recovery post-exercise
  • Repeated muscle vibration causes fatigue, muscle damage, and shin splints.
  • These compression sleeves provide compression support to the calf to help reduce muscle oscillation.
  • Material: 98%polyester and 2% Spandex.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry slowly.
Suggested Use
  • Training
  • Performance
  • Recovery