Computer and Reading Glasses Combo

Magnification: +2.0
+2.0JB7675-2.00178740214444.0 oz
+2.5JB7675-2.50178740214514.0 oz
+3.0JB7675-3.00178740214684.0 oz
+3.5JB7675-3.50178740214374.0 oz
+4.0JB7675-4.00178740214754.0 oz
+4.5JB7675-4.50178740218024.0 oz
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Set of 2 computer readers (1 clear, 1 tinted) designed for usage while viewing a digital screen on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, gaming device, or computer. Tinted readers have coated lenses with lower strength diopters to help reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision caused by prolonged monitor viewing. Spring hinge frames provide durability and a snug fit. Regular readers included for reading books and more!