12-Piece: Professional Champagne-Colored Makeup Brush Set

Piece: 12-Piece
12-PieceLS-KIM-12PC-CHA8419171091920.0 oz
18-PieceLS-KIM-18PC-CHA8419171092080.0 oz
24-PieceLS-KIM-24PC-CHA8419171092150.0 oz
Warehouse NameKIMBERLEY
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/J7Z1kr
Product Linkhttps://tagcousa.com/cqlj
  • Includes all the essentials needed for professional or at-home use
  • Apply and blend powder, highlighter, concealer, shadow, liner, and more
  • Enclosed in their own compartments in a portable case that unfolds for easy access and organization
  • Brushes (generally about 8'' in length) are made of fiber batt and champagne-lacquered wood
  • Case is made of polyurethane leather
Case Dimension
  • 12-piece case: 7”x3”x10”
  • 18-piece case: 7”x4”x10”
  • 24-piece case: 7”x5”x10”