Deluxe Sparkle Laser Light

Deluxe Sparkle Laser LightTL-02569-21.5 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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These Laser lights stake right into the ground and cover your home with a colorful display of lights, creating a festive look without unnecessary hassle. Covering over 3000 square feet and projecting from up to 100 yards away, the lights automatically turn on at night and off at day and come with several settings.

  • Stakes into the ground
  • Creates a colorful show 
  • Covers over 3000 square feet
  • Projects from up to 100 yards away
  • Automatic turn on at night and off at day
  • Adjustable stake
  • 4 fixed settings
  • 9 motion settings
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use 
  • Plug input: 110v 
  • Ideal for holidays, parties, BBQ's and more.