Diamond Design Cosmetic Travel Bag

Color: Red
Size: 1-Pack
Red / 1-PackXIX-MURBMP-RED8419171193204.0 oz
Red / 2-PackXIX-MURBMP-RED-2PK8419171201598.0 oz
Pink / 1-PackXIX-MURBMP-PIN8419171193374.0 oz
Pink / 2-PackXIX-MURBMP-PIN-2PK8419171201668.0 oz
Silver / 1-PackXIX-MURBMP-SIL8419171193444.0 oz
Silver / 2-PackXIX-MURBMP-SIL-2PK8419171201738.0 oz
White / 1-PackXIX-MURBMP-WHI8419171193514.0 oz
White / 2-PackXIX-MURBMP-WHI-2PK8419171201808.0 oz
Blue / 1-PackXIX-MURBMP-BLU8419171193684.0 oz
Blue / 2-PackXIX-MURBMP-BLU-2PK8419171201978.0 oz
Warehouse NameMURCIA
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/ZbWgL4
Product Linkhttp://www.tagcousa.com/DSCT

Travel for some may be essential, but for others it can be a long anticipated vacay. No matter if you are traveling for work or for pleasure looking good and being organized are important. Take this Diamond Design Cosmetic Travel Bag for instance, it will easily store all of your special beauty or grooming items so you look your best while away from home. Nothing is worse than looking less than tip-top for a business meeting or a romantic evening with that someone special. Stay organzied and store your essentials with this perfect travel companion.

  • Waterproof design
  • Perfect for travel
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in Red, Pink, Blue, Silver, and White