Retractible Eco-Friendly Shopping Tote

Color: Black
Pack: 1-Pack
Black / 1-PackTI-RUSB-BLA8419171173335.0 oz
Black / 2-PackTI-RUSB-BLA-2PK84191711735710.0 oz
Orange / 1-PackTI-RUSB-ORA8419171173405.0 oz
Orange / 2-PackTI-RUSB-ORA-2PK84191711736410.0 oz
Mix / 1-PackTI-2RUSB-MIX84191711737110.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
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These days nearly every grocery store is charging for bags if you don’t bring your own bag you are paying the price. Why not start pinching pennies with this eco-friendly shopping companion, not only do you save money, you feel better about decreasing your negative impact on the environment. This bag retracts when not in use and can be handily tucked away in a pocket or glove compartment when you are ready to shop simply unwind and presto, you’ve got yourself a full-sized tote ready to fill.

  • Eco-friendly, portable, and compact
  • Retracted full size 16″ x 16″
  • Pull tag to release shopping bag
  • Use finger holes to roll bag back up into disk
  • Attached carabiner for maximum versatility
  • Available in Black or Orange
  • Available in 2-pack or 1-pack