Compression Calf Sleeve - Pair

Color: Black
Size: Large/XL
Black / Small/MediumEF-WOLCCS-BLA-M8419171242567.0 oz
Black / Large/XLEF-WOLCCS-BLA-L8419171250798.0 oz
Fuschia / Small/MediumEF-WOLCCS-FUS-M8419171242637.0 oz
Fuschia / Large/XLEF-WOLCCS-FUS-L8419171250868.0 oz
Black-Fuschia / Small/MediumEF-WOLCCS-BLA-FUS-M8419171242707.0 oz
Black-Fuschia / Large/XLEF-WOLCCS-BLA-FUS-L8419171250938.0 oz
Warehouse NameWOLLERT
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See Jane run, see Jane run faster with less pain. Shin splints, sore muscles, and leg fatigue can slow Jane down. These stylish compression calf sleeves keep Jane running and looking good while doing it.

  • Compression relieves sore muscles and fatigue 
  • Comfortable and breathable 
  • Great for athletes
  • Mix comes with a pair of both colors.
  • Available in your color choice of Fuschia or Black