Bluetooth Convertible Speaker Headphones

Color: Black
BlackFA-E129-BLA-17.0 oz
GreenFA-E129-GRE-17.0 oz
PurpleFA-E129-PUR-17.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
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The flips are easy to pair with your Bluetooth-enabled phone, MP3 player or tablet and with a quick twist of the headband to turn the ear cups over the loudspeaker function is automatically activated and your tunes are taken audible for everyone to enjoy. You're able to take calls wirelessly and hands-free as well and control your music remotely, and the headphones fold up for compact portability and protection against damage when they're not in use.

  • Bluetooth v3.0
  • 2.4GHz wireless frequency
  • 30' wireless operating range
  • Turn ear cups over for automatic loudspeaker operation
  • FM radio
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 3.5mm aux input for connection of non-Bluetooth devices
  • Button features: call answer / end / last call redial, on / off / play / pause, volume control