Fast Dry T-Shirt

Color: Black
Size: Small/Medium
Black / Small/MediumTI-LIAFDT-BLA-M8419171191464.0 oz
Black / Large/XLTI-LIAFDT-BLA-L84191711915311.0 oz
Blue / Small/MediumTI-LIAFDT-BLU-M8419171191604.0 oz
Blue / Large/XLTI-LIAFDT-BLU-L84191711917711.0 oz
White / Small/MediumTI-LIAFDT-WHI-M8419171191844.0 oz
White / Large/XLTI-LIAFDT-WHI-L84191711919111.0 oz
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Summer is here and that means you need to be hitting the gym harder than ever! If you are working out wearing that ratty old T-shirt from college, then you need to pay attention to this deal becasue NO ONE needs to see you looking like something the cat dragged in. This T-shirt is lightweight and features fast-dry technology--no more nasty sweat stains. The sleeveless design is great for keeping you cool and showing off those perfect pipes. All reason for wearing old sweats at the gym stops here, stock up on this uber cool shirt and you are halfway to looking good while strutting your stuff at the gym.

  • Features fast-dry technology
  • Lightweight, sleeveless design
  • Available in your choice of Black, Green, Red, Blue, Gray, or White
  • Available in Small/Medium and Large/XL.