Flipping Fantastic Perfect Pancake Maker

Size: 1-Pack
1-PackTI-7SPM-RED8419171172965.0 oz
2-PackTI-7SPM-RED-2PK84191711730210.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/A5S3a5
Product Linkhttp://www.tagcousa.com/FFPP

Yummy and so scrummy are the perfect pancakes. Please your entire family with this must-have gadget. Not only will it make your family realize what a veritable master you are in the kitchen, it will satisfy their hunger quickly and effectively. This 7-hole pancake maker ensures your time in the kitchen is limited, but your output is maximized--heaven!

  • 7 hole design
  • Perfect pancakes, every time
  • Silicone construction
  • Available in Red as 1 pack or 2 pack.