FITKICKS® Crossovers active lifestyle footwear

Color: Black
Size: Small
Black / SmallCRFIT-S-BLK7229503253530.0 oz
Black / MediumCRFIT-M-BLK7229503253600.0 oz
Black / LargeCRFIT-L-BLK7229503253770.0 oz
Black / XLCRFIT-XL-BLK7229503253840.0 oz
Mauve / SmallCRFIT-S-MAU7229503253150.0 oz
Mauve / MediumCRFIT-M-MAU7229503253220.0 oz
Mauve / LargeCRFIT-L-MAU7229503253390.0 oz
Mauve / XLCRFIT-XL-MAU7229503253460.0 oz
Green / SmallCRFIT-S-GRN7229503252780.0 oz
Green / MediumCRFIT-M-GRN7229503252850.0 oz
Green / LargeCRFIT-L-GRN7229503252920.0 oz
Green / XLCRFIT-XL-GRN7229503253080.0 oz
Teal / SmallCRFIT-S-TEA7229503253910.0 oz
Teal / MediumCRFIT-M-TEA7229503254070.0 oz
Teal / LargeCRFIT-L-TEA7229503254140.0 oz
Teal / XLCRFIT-XL-TEA7229503254210.0 oz
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Innovative criss-cross, soft elastic straps support your foot while allowing extra mobility. Enjoy fold and go transport with durable FlexForm sole in an easy slip-on design. Crossover from the beach to the studio, couch to commute, and anywhere in between with water-ready breathability. Four sizes and four tone-on-tone colors for comfortable style: Black, Green, Mauve & Teal!

  • New Criss-cross Design
  • Foldable, comfortable, and sporty
  • Solid construction
  • Durable FlexForm Sole