Foot Pain Relieving Sleeve


Foot Pain Relieving Sleeve

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Foot Pain Relieving Sleeve adds a suitable amount cushion to all of your footwear. Made of soft polymer gel, they cushion and protect from heel to toe. The non-slip walking tread along the allows them to be worn with or without footwear and the breathable vents encourage air circulation for added comfort.

Use For

Sore feet, aching feet, and cushioning the feet for walking or standing.


Gel material slowly releases medical-grade mineral oil which has been shown to soften and moisturize skin.

  • Women’s: 7 US - 10 US 
  • Men’s: 5 US - 9 US
Additional Info
  • One size 
  • Reduces friction and pressure 
  • Provides shock-absorption 
  • Fits in most dress shoes 
  • Includes breathable vents 
  • Non-slip walking thread 
  • Material content: 100% Mineral Oil Gel 
  • Washable and reusable 
  • One pair
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