Rechargeable Solar Powered Motion-Activated Flood Lights

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This is a multi-use rechargeable solar powered flood light with an inclusive motion sensor and high-performance solar panel. Featuring 30 ultra bright LEDs, outputs an impressive 200 lumens of light! Plus it will charge throughout the day and turn on automatically each night. With its all-inclusive design and no external wires, it is unlike any other product in its class. It has three adjustable control settings allowing you to control the sensitivity in which motion is detected, the duration of light once activated (ranging from 10-60 seconds), and the day/night activation light gauge. Installing this is simple yet extremely versatile!


  • 30 LEDs producing 200 lumens
  • Powered by sunlight
  • 3 settings
  • comes with ground stake, mounting and standing brackets
  • 6 meter (19.5ft) detection range