Hair Chalk with 24 Assorted Colors

Hair Chalk with 24 Assorted ColorsTI-HC-006046-5.0 oz
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Check out the latest in hair trends - the newest way to try a new hairstyle without any worry! With hair chalk, you can draw-on colored streaks or dip-dyed ends for a fun afternoon look or a stylish night-out. Easy to use and perfect for those spontaneous moments, hair chalking is a commitment-free way to add splashes of color to your hair. 

  • Spray your hair with water, chalk on the color and set in with a straightener or iron 
  • When applying, be sure to wear clothing you won't mind chalk on 
  • Wear similar colored clothing when wearing 
  • 24 pieces assorted colors 
  • Lasts until you wash your hair 
  • Great for all occasions