Handmade Shot Glass with Embedded .308 Real Bullet (1or 2-Pack)

Size: 1-Pack
1-PackTI-STUSG8419171697214.2 oz
2-PackTI-STUSG-2PK8419171697388.4 oz
Warehouse NameSTUART
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Product Linkhttp://bit.ly/2pVBsPs

You’ll really raise some eyes when you shoot back your favorite brand of 100 proof whiskey from this handmade shot glass, with a real.308 bullet embedded in the side. It’s either going to look like some really strong whiskey or that someone was trying to interrupt your drink. Either way, you can down that shot with panache, because only you know the truth.

  • Hand-made shot glass holds 2 oz of your favorite pour
  • The ultimate gift idea for almost any occasion.
  • Bullets are lead-free and do not contain gunpowder. 
  • Hand washes only.
  • Product dimensions -  2 x 2.3''