Hello Mello Dream Tees

Color: Red
Size: Small
Red / SmallHMDRMS-REDS7229503245850.0 oz
Red / MediumHMDRMS-REDM7229503245920.0 oz
Red / LargeHMDRMS-REDL7229503246080.0 oz
Red / XLHMDRMS-REDXL7229503246150.0 oz
Blue / SmallHMDRMS-TRQS7229503246600.0 oz
Blue / MediumHMDRMS-TRQM7229503246770.0 oz
Blue / LargeHMDRMS-TRQL7229503246840.0 oz
Blue / XLHMDRMS-TRQXL7229503246910.0 oz
Pink / SmallHMDRMS-CORS7229503246220.0 oz
Pink / MediumHMDRMS-CORM7229503246390.0 oz
Pink / LargeHMDRMS-CORL7229503246460.0 oz
Pink / XLHMDRMS-CORXL7229503246530.0 oz
Black / SmallHMDRMS-BLKS7229503245470.0 oz
Black / MediumHMDRMS-BLKM7229503245540.0 oz
Black / LargeHMDRMS-BLKL7229503245610.0 oz
Black / XLHMDRMS-BLKXL7229503245780.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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Product Linkhttps://bit.ly/2potBte

Designed with comfort in mind. The softest touch for lounging or whatever with a comfortable V neck and embellishments that remind you to stay mello. Comes in four tailored sizes (S, M, L, XL) with four colors and one of these sayings imprinted in the lower corner: Nap Happy, Mello Out, Dream On, & Sleep On It. Recline in the sublime!

  • Four Bold Colors & Four Sayings
  • Signature Soft Stretch Fabric 
  • Match the Leisure Time Pants & Shorts