Hello Mello Leisure Time Lounge Shorts

Design: Multi Color
Size: Small/Medium
Multi Color / Small/MediumHMLTS-TMSM7229503196350.0 oz
Multi Color / Medium/LargeHMLTS-TMML7229503196420.0 oz
Multi Color / Large/XLHMLTS-TMLX7229503196590.0 oz
Coral White / Small/MediumHMLTS-CCSM7229503197270.0 oz
Coral White / Medium/LargeHMLTS-CCML7229503197340.0 oz
Coral White / Large/XLHMLTS-CCLX7229503197410.0 oz
Turquoise White / Small/MediumHMLTS-TTSM7229503196660.0 oz
Turquoise White / Medium/LargeHMLTS-TTML7229503196730.0 oz
Turquoise White / Large/XLHMLTS-TTLX7229503196800.0 oz
Floral / Small/MediumHMLTS-FDSM7229503196970.0 oz
Floral / Medium/LargeHMLTS-FDML7229503197030.0 oz
Floral / Large/XLHMLTS-FDLX7229503197100.0 oz
Black Words / Small/MediumHMLTS-COSM7229503197580.0 oz
Black Words / Medium/LargeHMLTS-COML7229503197650.0 oz
Black Words / Large/XLHMLTS-COLX7229503197720.0 oz
Paisley / Small/MediumHMLTS-MPSM7229503197890.0 oz
Paisley / Medium/LargeHMLTS-MPML7229503197960.0 oz
Paisley / Large/XLHMLTS-MPLX7229503198020.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
Dropbox Linkhttps://bit.ly/33wI4lF
Product Linkhttps://bit.ly/33wvQcU

Unwind in style! Perfect year-round comfort in these lounge shorts with signature soft stretchy fabric; great for sleeping, shopping or just lounging. Cozy up in the comfortable elastic waistband and drawstring. Comes in three relaxed fit sizes (S/M, M/L, L/XL) and six colorful custom designs. Free counter display and six hangers with any 72-pc opening order (pants and/or shorts). Recline in the sublime!

  • Six Colorful Custom Designs
  • Signature Soft Stretch Fabric