Hello Mello Total Bliss Lounge Shorts

Color: Magenta
Size: Small/Medium
Magenta / Small/MediumHMTBS-CBSM7229503090940.0 oz
Magenta / Medium/LargeHMTBS-CBML7229503091000.0 oz
Magenta / Large/XLHMTBS-CBLX7229503091170.0 oz
Black/White / Small/MediumHMTBS-IBSM7229503091240.0 oz
Black/White / Medium/LargeHMTBS-IBML7229503091310.0 oz
Black/White / Large/XLHMTBS-IBLX7229503091480.0 oz
Blue/White / Small/MediumHMTBS-RLSM7229503091550.0 oz
Blue/White / Medium/LargeHMTBS-RLML7229503091620.0 oz
Blue/White / Large/XLHMTBS-RLLX7229503091790.0 oz
Solid Blue / Small/MediumHMTBS-MBSM7229503091860.0 oz
Solid Blue / Medium/LargeHMTBS-MBML7229503091930.0 oz
Solid Blue / Large/XLHMTBS-MBLX7229503092090.0 oz
Solid Gray / Small/MediumHMTBS-MFSM7229503092160.0 oz
Solid Gray / Medium/LargeHMTBS-MFML7229503092230.0 oz
Solid Gray / Large/XLHMTBS-MFLX7229503092300.0 oz
Solid Black / Small/MediumHMTBS-TWSM7229503092470.0 oz
Solid Black / Medium/LargeHMTBS-TWML7229503092540.0 oz
Solid Black / Large/XLHMTBS-TWLX7229503092610.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/gU8MCy
Product Linkhttps://goo.gl/wCdKWe

Unwind in style! Perfect year-round comfort in these lounge shorts with signature soft stretchy fabric; great for sleeping, shopping or just lounging. Cozy up in the comfort elastic waistband and drawstring. Comes in three relaxed fit sizes (S/M, M/L, L/XL) and six colorful custom designs. Free counter display and six hangers with any 72-pc opening order (pants and/or shorts). Recline in the sublime!

  • Six Colorful Custom Designs
  • Signature Soft Stretch Fabric