Hello Mello Total Bliss Lounge Tops

Color: Magenta
Size: Small/Medium
Magenta / Small/MediumHMTBT-CBSM7229503093085.6 oz
Magenta / Medium/LargeHMTBT-CBML7229503093155.6 oz
Magenta / Large/XLHMTBT-CBLX7229503093225.6 oz
Black/White / Small/MediumHMTBT-IBSM7229503093395.6 oz
Black/White / Medium/LargeHMTBT-IBML7229503093465.6 oz
Black/White / Large/XLHMTBT-IBLX7229503093535.6 oz
Blue/White / Small/MediumHMTBT-RLSM7229503093605.6 oz
Blue/White / Medium/LargeHMTBT-RLML7229503093775.6 oz
Blue/White / Large/XLHMTBT-RLLX7229503093845.6 oz
Solid Blue / Small/MediumHMTBT-MBSM7229503093915.6 oz
Solid Blue / Medium/LargeHMTBT-MBML7229503094075.6 oz
Solid Blue / Large/XLHMTBT-MBLX7229503094145.6 oz
Solid Gray / Small/MediumHMTBT-MFSM7229503094215.6 oz
Solid Gray / Medium/LargeHMTBT-MFML7229503094385.6 oz
Solid Gray / Large/XLHMTBT-MFLX7229503094455.6 oz
Solid Black / Small/MediumHMTBT-TWSM7229503094525.6 oz
Solid Black / Medium/LargeHMTBT-TWML7229503094695.6 oz
Solid Black / Large/XLHMTBT-TWLX7229503094765.6 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/t8rgzA
Product Linkhttps://goo.gl/g9sxsS

Unwind in style! Perfect year-round comfort in these lounge tops with signature soft stretchy fabric; great for sleeping, shopping or just lounging. Cozy up in the three relaxed fit sizes (S/M, M/L, L/XL) and six colorful custom designs that match the lounge shorts and pants. Free counter display and six hangers with multiple opening orders. Can also be combined with Hello Mello signature tank tops. Recline in the sublime!

  • Six Colorful Designs to Match Bottoms
  • Signature Soft Stretch Fabric 
  • Display & Hangers with Opening Orders