Fitkicks KRUZERS Foldable Street Sneakers

Color: Black
Size: Small
Black / SmallKRUZ-S-BLK72295029052110.5 oz
Black / MediumKRUZ-M-BLK72295029053811.5 oz
Black / LargeKRUZ-L-BLK72295029054512.5 oz
Black / XLKRUZ-XL-BLK72295029055212.5 oz
Orange / SmallKRUZ-S-ORG72295029064410.5 oz
Orange / MediumKRUZ-M-ORG72295029065111.5 oz
Orange / LargeKRUZ-L-ORG72295029066812.5 oz
Orange / XLKRUZ-XL-ORG72295029067512.5 oz
Silver / SmallKRUZ-S-SLV72295029056910.5 oz
Silver / MediumKRUZ-M-SLV72295029057611.5 oz
Silver / LargeKRUZ-L-SLV72295029058312.5 oz
Silver / XLKRUZ-XL-SLV72295029059012.5 oz
Turquoise / SmallKRUZ-S-TRQ72295029060610.5 oz
Turquoise / MediumKRUZ-M-TRQ72295029061311.5 oz
Turquoise / LargeKRUZ-L-TRQ72295029062012.5 oz
Turquoise / XLKRUZ-XL-TRQ72295029063712.5 oz
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Roll with it! Kruzers are the slip-on street sneakers for the everyday adventurer. They're the spare pair that goes anywhere because they fold into themselves making transport so easy. Available in four hot colors and four popular sizes, each with their own travel tote included. Kruzers are your go-to shoe for any woman on the move. Save yourself from pointy high heels, clunky gym shoes and dainty sandals. Unique FlexImpression treads leave soleful?˜story with each step. Explore your path and kick it Kruzers style!


  • Slip-On Street Sneakers
  • Foldable Fun in Four Colors
  • FlexImpression Soles Leave a Story with Each Step
  • S=5.5-6.5, M=7-8, L=8.5-9.5, XL=10-11