Hot / Cold Therapeutic Comfort Wrap

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Created specifically to fit the contours of the neck, shoulders and back, this incredible, specially designed Hot/Cold TherapeuticWrap delivers soothing warmth perfect for addressing arthritis, bursitis, sore muscles or just the daily stresses of life. Just pop in the microwave oven then wrap around your neck and shoulders for the most relaxing, warming and pleasurable experience you’ll ever have plus feel those aches and pains just slip away.Cold therapy –place in a polybag and into the freezer for at least one hour. Big and size fits all. Handsome maroon color

  • Soothing Therapy For Arthritis, Bursitis, Sore Muscles, Everyday Stress  
  • Designed for NECK, SHOULDER & BACK
  • Oversize Fill of Buckwheat
  • One Size Fits All