Inflatable Lounger/Air Bed


Inflatable Lounger/Air Bed

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This is a comfortable Inflatable Lounger/Air Bed which can be used as a sofa or seat when inflated, no tools are needed to inflate it, you simply grab it and wave it left and right in the outdoors to inflate. It is large and comfy, easily deflated and stored in a small carrying bag so you can take it anywhere!

You can use it while traveling, at the beach, the garden and so on. It is the perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities!

Made of high-quality polyester cloth and PVC, it is durable. It can endure up to 150kg, which means up to 1-2 people can comfortably plop down and kick back on it.we also have power bank cell which is very durable for long hours usage.

It can be taken conveniently anywhere, anytime, for travel or for leisure. You can use it as a sofa or a bed. Being stuffed with air, it feels extremely comfortable. Especially great for when you go for camping, outdoor BBQ, or beach swimming. Please ensure to keep it away from fires, hard objects or any sharp things.

  • 1x Inflatable Lounger/Air Bed
  • 1x Carrying bag
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