Jim Beam® BBQ Hot Dog Roller

Jim Beam® BBQ Hot Dog RollerJB01727363860041573.0 oz
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Easily make great flavorful hot dogs or sausages on your grill for family and friends every time with this BBQ Hot Dog Roller from Jim Beam. This stainless steel hot dog roller rotates up to 5 hotdogs or sausages continuously to ensure fuss free, even cooking every time. Its long detachable wooden handle is used to easily slide the roller over, preventing your hot dogs and sausages from overcooking. It also helps to lift the roller off the hot grill surface without getting your hands burnt. These rollers are made out of heavy duty stainless steel. Hand wash is recommended.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Perfectly and evenly grilled hot dogs or sausage every time
  • Professionally grills up to 5 perfect hot dogs at a time
  • Great for camping and outdoor cookouts