Khaleesi-Style Maxi Dress

Style: Dragonstone
Size: Medium
Dragonstone / MediumSJF-886-DY-M-11.0 oz
Dragonstone / LargeSJF-886-DY-L-12.0 oz
Dragonstone / XLSJF-886-DY-XL-12.0 oz
Dragonstone / 2XLSJF-886-DY-2XL-12.0 oz
Winterfell / MediumSJF-886-WB-M-11.0 oz
Winterfell / LargeSJF-886-WB-L-12.0 oz
Winterfell / XLSJF-886-WB-XL-12.0 oz
Winterfell / 2XLSJF-886-WB-2XL-12.0 oz
Westeros / MediumSJF-886-WC-M-11.0 oz
Westeros / LargeSJF-886-WC-L-12.0 oz
Westeros / XLSJF-886-WC-XL-12.0 oz
Westeros / 2XLSJF-886-WC-2XL-12.0 oz
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You will in these trendy boho-chic silhouette dresses that are taking over the fashion magazine pages! Look amazing in this bright and fun floral print design which entitles you to go from casual to dressy in no time with just a change of accessories. This is the look that flatters and is comfortable in any shape or size in four gorgeous colors.

  • Material is 35% silk and 65% polyester
  • Soft, patterned bodice matching the hemline
  • Large beading at the neckline, attached to the dress with a ring.
  • Easy to wear, just pull it on and go.
  • Approx. 50" L from bottom to circle bead