Flexible Cable Charger Mount

Flexible Cable Charger MountIB-JILFCM-SIL8419171078530.0 oz
Warehouse NameJILL
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Combine your favorite phone accessories with this clever charger mount. This both charges your phone and serves as a great phone mount. At two feet long and made out of flexible coil, it can easily display your phone at whatever angle you wish, and the Polyurethane lined grip keeps it safe and secure. Grab the 8-pin option for iPhones, or the Micro option for Androids.

  • Coil it up to enjoy a solid base.
  • 8-pin option is for iPhones
  • Micro is for Androids
  • Quickly and easily mount and un-mounts your device.
  • Polyurethane lined grip keeps your device safe and secure.
  • Measures 2 ft. long.
  • As a reminder: Be safe do not text and drive.