Krumbs Kitchen® Chef's Collection Silicone Mini Tongs

Color: Red
RedKKCMT3-RED7229503177470.0 oz
BlueKKCMT3-BLU7229503177230.0 oz
GreenKKCMT3-GRN7229503177300.0 oz
YellowKKCMT3-YEL7229503177160.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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The cutest item with function! Three pack of mini silicone hand tongs 5.25 in. L, made with stainless steel. Great for use in the kitchen and for serving. Four basic bold colors in the assortment. Reorder by color in 6 packs  For all the little things.

  • Heat-Resistant to 375°F
  • BPA-Free & FDA-Approved Silicone
  • Three in a Pack!
  • Odor & Stain Repellant