Krumbs Kitchen® Designer Collection Silicone Oven Mitts

Design: Watercolors
WatercolorsKKOMT-WCL7229503179520.0 oz
ImperialKKOMT-IMP7229503179450.0 oz
ConfettiKKOMT-CON7229503179760.0 oz
FlashbackKKOMT-FBK7229503179690.0 oz
PinstripesKKOMT-PIN7229503179210.0 oz
BloomsKKOMT-BLM7229503179380.0 oz
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Bright, colorful and functional! Adorably charming silicone oven mitts with ample cushioning and attractive graphics with delightful sayings. Six styles to match any decor. Get a hold on any number of hot pots, trays, and pans. Reorder by style in 4 packs. For all the little things.

  • Six Awesome Styles
  • Enjoy Life – It's Delicious!