Krumbs Kitchen® Designer Collection Silicone Pot Holders

Design: Imperial
ImperialKKPOT-IMP7229503182010.0 oz
BloomsKKPOT-BLM7229503181950.0 oz
FlashbackKKPOT-FBK7229503182250.0 oz
PinstripesKKPOT-PIN7229503181880.0 oz
WatercolorsKKPOT-WCL7229503182180.0 oz
ConfettiKKPOT-CON7229503182320.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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Bright, colorful and functional! Adorably charming silicone pot holders with attractive graphics and delightful sayings. Six styles to match any decor. Get a hold on any number of hot pots, plates, and dishes. Reorder by style in 4 packs. For all the little things.

  • Six Awesome Styles
  • Enjoy Life – It's Delicious!