BioAqua V7 Toning Light

Color: Neutral
NeutralLS-VIVVTL-NEU8419171247688.0 oz
LavenderLS-VIVVTL-LAV8419171247758.0 oz
PearlLS-VIVVTL-PEA8419171247828.0 oz
Warehouse NameVIVIAN
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Capture the light and be the very essence of modern beauty. Create radiance and the appearance of lighter, healthier skin with this Toning Light Cream. The skin will appear lighter, brighter, and firmer after application. Let this cream and the light that surrounds you frame your beauty. 

  • Tones and lightens the appearance of skin
  • Soft and moisturizing 
  • Perfect for highlighting the skin 
  • Available in your color choice of Neutral, Lavender, or Pearl