Large Print Computer Keyboard Wired USB Keyboard

Color: Green
GreenVT-01586-GRE7472560045040.0 oz
YellowVT-01586-YEL7472560045110.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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  • High Contrast: This wired keyboard with yellow keys and large print black letters, Can provide greater visibility, Easy to view even in a low light environment. Perfect for elderly and visual impairments
  • Large print keyboard: It has a large print font, 4x larger than standard computer keyboard fonts. You can easily read keyboard keys, Large print keys can reduce eyestrain and improve typing accuracy. Great for the visually impaired, the elderly, and Beginners to type
  • Spill-resistant keyboard: The Spill-resistant keyboard is designed to ensure the safety of the electronic components of the keyboard. Before use, make sure to dry thoroughly after spilling.
  • Large Print Yellow keys: Large print keyboard with yellow keys, Makes print quieter and more accurate. A high-quality ABS print can prevent the color wear of the keys. The durable membrane keys switch can provide 5 million keystroke life.
  • USB Wired & Wide Compatibility: USB wired keyboard with wired USB connection plug and play! No need to worry about charging or replacing batteries, and is easy to set up, no driver required, and compatible with Windows.