Leg Compression Sleeve With Padded Knee Support for Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Running

Color: Camo
Size: Medium
Camo / MediumEF-BALCSK-CAM-M8419171324045.0 oz
Camo / LargeEF-BALCSK-CAM-L8419171324115.0 oz
Camo / XLEF-BALCSK-CAM-XL8419171324285.0 oz
Gray / MediumEF-BALCSK-GRA-M8419171324355.0 oz
Gray / LargeEF-BALCSK-GRA-L8419171324425.0 oz
Gray / XLEF-BALCSK-GRA-XL8419171324595.0 oz
Blue / MediumEF-BALCSK-BLU-M8419171324665.0 oz
Blue / LargeEF-BALCSK-BLU-L8419171324735.0 oz
Blue / XLEF-BALCSK-BLU-XL8419171324805.0 oz
Black / MediumEF-BALCSK-BLA-M8419171324975.0 oz
Black / LargeEF-BALCSK-BLA-L8419171325035.0 oz
Black / XLEF-BALCSK-BLA-XL8419171325105.0 oz
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Make a statement on and off the court with this Statement Compression Leg Sleeve. Designed to attract attention, but most importantly protect your legs. The extra padding around the knee means you can fall, crawl, or climb without worrying about wear and tear on your prized joint. This is a must-have garment for all weekend warriors.

  • Compression leg sleeve 
  • Great for athletes of all calibers 
  • Easy pull-on design 
  • Material: 85%Polyester,15%Spandex with Lycra Fabric
  • Available in a variety of designs and colors
Thigh circumference:
  • Medium: 13”-16”
  • Large: 16”-19”
  • XL: 19”-22”