Lego Tape

Color: Red
RedTI-WLT-RED8419171276532.0 oz
PurpleTI-WLT-PUR8419171276602.0 oz
Dark BlueTI-WLT-DBLU8419171276772.0 oz
Light BlueTI-WLT-LBLU8419171276842.0 oz
GreenTI-WLT-GRE8419171276912.0 oz
GrayTI-WLT-GRA8419171277072.0 oz
BlackTI-WLT-BLA8419171277142.0 oz
OrangeTI-WLT-ORA8419171277212.0 oz
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Lego has been around for decades and has proven to be a toy that just keeps getting better. This Lego Tape allows you to take your Lego collection to the next level. Stick to any surface, walls, bikes, shoes, and desks. Enjoy creating Lego creations whenever and wherever you desire. 

  • Sticky Lego tape 
  • Great for building cities, roads, and more 
  • Colorful fun for the entire family 
  • Available in Gray, Purple  Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, or Black