U Shaped Glass Table Edge Protectors


U Shaped Glass Table Edge Protectors

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Peace of Mind:

This multifunctional edge guard gives you excellent impact absorption and protects your loved ones against bumps, bruises, cuts from hard, sharp edges and corners. Perfect density, not too soft to absorb impact, nor too hard and causes bumps, which is ideal for Childproofing.

Child-Friendly and Home Friendly:

The durable edge guard is toxic free, odor free, SCCP free, phthalates free and fire-retardant. Cleanup is very easy, any spilled drinks or food and dust can be just wiped away. The edge guard can be securely fastened and quickly removed from furniture surface, without leaving any unpleasant damages, marks or residues.

U-Shape Bumper Design:

This design is specifically for the use of glass table or similar shape furniture. Glass table could be the most dangerous piece of furniture for the baby. Compared to traditional one, the U shape bumper fits the glass table much better and offers more comprehensive protection. This bumper has been smartly sized to fits most glass table edge snugly.

Easy to Install:

The install process of this bumper is easy and intuitive. You donŸ??t need a professional to do it for you. For some of the glass table edge, the double-side tape is not even necessary. We include authentic 3M double-side tape in our product for your convenience to ensure safety.

Multiple Colors:

Having edge guards doesnŸ??t mean you have to compromise the style. Unlike other brands, Elf Star offers many color choices. Not only this edge guard preserves the attractiveness of your home, it can indeed add another stylish element. Be creative with this edge guard!

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