Lounge Luxe Sharkbite Top

Color: Navy
Size: Small
Navy / SmallHMLLT-NS7229503240970.0 oz
Navy / MediumHMLLT-NM7229503241030.0 oz
Navy / LargeHMLLT-NL7229503241100.0 oz
Navy / XLHMLLT-NXL7229503241270.0 oz
Black / SmallHMLLT-BS7229503240110.0 oz
Black / MediumHMLLT-BM7229503240280.0 oz
Black / LargeHMLLT-BL7229503240350.0 oz
Black / XLHMLLT-BXL7229503240420.0 oz
Gray / SmallHMLLT-GS7229503240590.0 oz
Gray / MediumHMLLT-GM7229503240660.0 oz
Gray / LargeHMLLT-GL7229503240730.0 oz
Gray / XLHMLLT-GXL7229503240800.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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Product Linkhttp://bit.ly/34b2WQF

Casual elegance meets signature soft comfort. Go from couch to coffee run in the Lounge Luxe Sharkbite Top. Flowing semi-circle hem, 3/4 length sleeves, dual front pockets, and soft boat neckline. Available in three classic colors: Black, Gray, and Navy. Pair with Lounge Luxe Leggings for a sophisticated style all your own. Includes matching gift tote in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.

  • Three Classic Colors
  • Signature Soft Stretch Fabric 
  • S, M, L, XL