Reversible Comforter Set (2- or 3-Piece) Reversible Comforter Set

Color: Burgundy Black
Size: Twin
Burgundy Black / TwinREVCM-T-BUB09965103949148.0 oz
Burgundy Black / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-BUB09965103929348.0 oz
Burgundy Black / KingREVCM-K-BUB09965103939248.0 oz
Chocolate Cream / TwinREVCM-T-CC09965103950748.0 oz
Chocolate Cream / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-CC09965103930948.0 oz
Chocolate Cream / KingREVCM-K-CC09965103940848.0 oz
Navy Regatta / TwinREVCM-T-NR09965103951448.0 oz
Navy Regatta / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-NR09965103931648.0 oz
Navy Regatta / KingREVCM-K-NR09965103941548.0 oz
Patriot Blue / TwinREVCM-T-PAST09965103952148.0 oz
Patriot Blue / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-PAST09965103932348.0 oz
Patriot Blue / KingREVCM-K-PAST09965103942248.0 oz
Sage Cream / TwinREVCM-T-SC09965103953848.0 oz
Sage Cream / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-SC09965103933048.0 oz
Sage Cream / KingREVCM-K-SC09965103943948.0 oz
Aqua Lime / TwinREVCM-T-AQU09965103954548.0 oz
Aqua Lime / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-AQU09965103934748.0 oz
Aqua Lime / KingREVCM-K-AQU09965103944648.0 oz
Lavender Mushroom / TwinREVCM-T-LAV09965103955248.0 oz
Lavender Mushroom / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-LAV09965103935448.0 oz
Lavender Mushroom / KingREVCM-K-LAV09965103945348.0 oz
Eucalyptus Stone / TwinREVCM-T-ES09965103956948.0 oz
Eucalyptus Stone / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-ES09965103936148.0 oz
Eucalyptus Stone / KingREVCM-K-ES09965103946048.0 oz
Charcoal Silver / TwinREVCM-T-CHAR09965103957648.0 oz
Charcoal Silver / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-CHAR09965103937848.0 oz
Charcoal Silver / KingREVCM-K-CHAR09965103947748.0 oz
Coral Pink / TwinREVCM-T-COR09965103958348.0 oz
Coral Pink / Full QueenREVCM-FQ-COR09965103938548.0 oz
Coral Pink / KingREVCM-K-COR09965103948448.0 oz
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This comforter set features a reversible solid-color design with boxed stitching and can be a great choice for contemporary interiors

  • Reversible comforter set with solid-color design
  • Boxed stitching helps reduce fill shifting
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Material (shell): Microfiber
  • Material (fill): Polyester
  • Fill power: 450
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold
Set Contents
  • Comforter
  • 2 pillow shams (1 for the twin-size set)
  • Twin-size comforter: 86”x66”
  • Twin-size sham: 26”x20”
  • Full/queen-size comforter: 86”x86”
  • Full/queen-size sham: 26”x20”
  • King-size comforter: 86”x102”
  • King-size sham: 36”x20”