Luxury Home Super-Soft Dobby Stripe Embossed Bed Sheet Set (4-Piece)


Luxury Home Super-Soft Dobby Stripe Embossed Bed Sheet Set (4-Piece)

Twin / PlumTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Plum6912067036440.0 oz
Twin / WhiteTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-White6912067036510.0 oz
Twin / BurgundyTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Burgundy6912067036680.0 oz
Twin / ChocolateTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Chocolate6912067036750.0 oz
Twin / IvoryTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Ivory6912067036820.0 oz
Twin / TaupeTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Taupe6912067036990.0 oz
Twin / GreyTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Grey6912067037050.0 oz
Twin / NavyTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Navy6912067037120.0 oz
Twin / Light BlueTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Lt Blue6912067037290.0 oz
Twin / SageTW-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Sage6912067037360.0 oz
Twin / TealFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Teal6912067037500.0 oz
Twin / TurquoiseFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Turquoise6912067037670.0 oz
Full / PlumFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Plum6912067037740.0 oz
Full / WhiteFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-White6912067037810.0 oz
Full / BurgundyFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Burgundy6912067037980.0 oz
Full / ChocolateFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Chocolate6912067038040.0 oz
Full / IvoryFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Ivory6912067038110.0 oz
Full / TaupeFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Taupe6912067038280.0 oz
Full / GreyFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Grey6912067038420.0 oz
Full / NavyFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Navy6912067038350.0 oz
Full / SageFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Sage6912067037430.0 oz
Full / TealFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Teal6912067037500.0 oz
Full / TurquoiseFLL-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Turquoise6912067037670.0 oz
Queen / PlumQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Plum6912067038800.0 oz
Queen / WhiteQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-White6912067038970.0 oz
Queen / BurgundyQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Burgundy6912067039030.0 oz
Queen / ChocolateQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Chocolate6912067039100.0 oz
Queen / IvoryQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Ivory6912067039270.0 oz
Queen / TaupeQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Taupe6912067039340.0 oz
Queen / GreyQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Grey6912067039410.0 oz
Queen / NavyQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Navy6912067039580.0 oz
Queen / Light BlueQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Lt Blue6912067039650.0 oz
Queen / SageQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Sage6912067038590.0 oz
Queen / TealQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Teal6912067038660.0 oz
Queen / TurquoiseQN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Turquoise6912067038730.0 oz
King / WhiteKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- White6912067039890.0 oz
King / BurgundyKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- Burgundy6912067040230.0 oz
King / IvoryKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- Ivory6912067040540.0 oz
King / TaupeKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- Taupe6912067040090.0 oz
King / GreyKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- Grey6912067040160.0 oz
King / NavyKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set-Navy6912067039960.0 oz
King / Light BlueKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- Lt.Blue6912067040300.0 oz
King / SageKN-1800 Embossed Sheet Set- Sage6912067040470.0 oz
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Made of soft and wrinkle-resistant microfiber, these classic sheets provide a comfortable sleep all year round

  • Microfiber Luxury Home Embroidery Sheet Set (4-Piece)
  • Materials
  • Type: brushed microfiber
  • Resists stains and wrinkles for easy care
  • Resists pilling, maintaining a smooth surface longer than cotton and other fibers
  • Soft and warm, microfiber retains body heat, making it ideal for cold nights
Set Contents
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet
  • 2 pillowcases (1 for twin option)
Care Instructions
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not bleach
Fit Information
  • Pocket depth: 12”
  • Fits mattresses up to: 14”

Flat Sheet 63” x 90”
Fitted Sheet 39” x 75”
Pillowcase 20” x 30”

Flat Sheet 75” x 96”
Fitted Sheet 54” x 75” + 12”
Pillowcase (each): 20” x 30”

Flat Sheet 85” x 96”
Fitted Sheet 60” x 80”
Pillowcase 20” x 30”

Flat sheet: 108” x 102"
Fitted sheet: 78” x 80”
Pillowcase: 21” x 40”

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