Vintage Prewashed Microfiber Cozy Blanket


Vintage Prewashed Microfiber Cozy Blanket

White / TwinHMBL1-001-TWH7261529194710.0 oz
White / Full - QueenHMBL1-001-FQWH7261529194880.0 oz
White / KingHMBL1-001-KWH7261529194950.0 oz
Pink / TwinHMBL1-001-TPK7261529195010.0 oz
Pink / Full - QueenHMBL1-001-FQPK7261529195180.0 oz
Pink / KingHMBL1-001-KPK7261529195250.0 oz
Light Blue / TwinHMBL1-001-TLB7261529195320.0 oz
Light Blue / Full - QueenHMBL1-001-FQLB7261529195490.0 oz
Light Blue / KingHMBL1-001-KLB7261529195560.0 oz
Light Gray / TwinHMBL1-001-TLG7261529195630.0 oz
Light Gray / Full - QueenHMBL1-001-FQLG7261529195700.0 oz
Light Gray / KingHMBL1-001-KLG7261529195870.0 oz
Taupe / TwinHMBL1-001-TTA7261529195940.0 oz
Taupe / Full - QueenHMBL1-001-FQTA7261529196000.0 oz
Taupe / KingHMBL1-001-KTA7261529196170.0 oz
Gray / TwinHMBL1-001-TGR7261529196240.0 oz
Gray / Full - QueenHMBL1-001-FQGR7261529196310.0 oz
Gray / KingHMBL1-001-KGR7261529196480.0 oz
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Give your bedroom a cozy and comfortable, homey feel with this vintage styled blanket, great for indoor warmth and outdoor snuggling. Rich Pre-washed Microfiber fabric is the most supreme smooth soft to the touch, cozy fabric. This blanket pairs well to all bedding style ensemble. Pre-washed fabric transforms the touch and the feel of this blanket, available in solids in an array of colors with horizontal channel quilting stitch and a contrast black border makes this blanket perfect for all seasons.


Pre-washed fabric, 90 GSM Microfiber Super Soft feel
Hypoallergenic helps minimize allergic reactions
Fade resistant, colors remain the same after many washes
Reversible indoor and outdoor warmth
Vintage style
High-quality smooth fabric
Easy care, Machine washable

Twin Dimension:

66" Inches long x 90" Inches wide

Full/Queen Dimension:

90" Inches long x 90" Inches wide

King Dimension:

90" Inches long x 108" Inches wide

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