Magic Collection Sandals

Design: Flirty Black
Size: 6.5
Flirty Black / 6.5TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-6.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Black / 7TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-7-0.0 oz
Flirty Black / 7.5TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-7.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Black / 8.5TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-8.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Black / 9TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-9-0.0 oz
Flirty Black / 10TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-10-0.0 oz
Flirty Black / 11TL-SAN-FLOW-BLA-11-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 7TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-7-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 7.5TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-7.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 8TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-8-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 8.5TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-8.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 9TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-9-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 10TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-10-0.0 oz
Flirty Purple / 11TL-SAN-FLOW-PUR-11-0.0 oz
Flirty Red / 7.5TL-SAN-FLOW-RED-7.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Red / 8.5TL-SAN-FLOW-RED-8.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Red / 9TL-SAN-FLOW-RED-9-0.0 oz
Flirty Red / 10TL-SAN-FLOW-RED-10-0.0 oz
Flirty Red / 11TL-SAN-FLOW-RED-11-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 6TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-6-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 6.5TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-6.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 7TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-7-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 7.5TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-7.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 8TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-8-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 8.5TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-8.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 9TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-9-0.0 oz
Flirty Tan / 10TL-SAN-FLOW-KHA-10-0.0 oz
Flirty Silver / 8.5TL-SAN-FLOW-SIL-8.5-0.0 oz
Flirty Silver / 10TL-SAN-FLOW-SIL-10-0.0 oz
Flirty White / 7.5TL-SAN-FLOW-WHI-7.5-0.0 oz
Flirty White / 8.5TL-SAN-FLOW-WHI-8.5-0.0 oz
Flirty White / 9TL-SAN-FLOW-WHI-9-0.0 oz
Flirty White / 11TL-SAN-FLOW-WHI-11-0.0 oz
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  • Style and personality along, cool and comfortable, unique antiskid groove design, anti-skid and wear-resistant, comfortable and comfortable, durable and durable
  • Each pattern is very exquisite design sense, to bring you rich visual enjoyment, meticulous detail in every detail, choose a type of character care you like, in the hot summer let the foot let release to the full release .
  • Treat yourself, or make these thong sandals the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or for no reason at all!