Advanced Magical Hair Roots Treatment Conditioning Mask

Size: 1-Pack
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2-PackLS-ISAHM-2PK8419171698134.0 oz
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  • This deep conditioning hair mask contains naturally-derived extracts designed to penetrate each layer of the hair strand, nursing your hair from the inside out.
  • Supplement nutrition is necessary for hair maintenance and repair, you can do it once a week, making the hair active and elastic.
  • Works for all hair types including perm, natural, and curly hair.
  • Instantly Transforms The Texture of Your Hair Leaving it Soft, Silky, and Easier to Manage, Repairs and Strengthens Weak, Damaged, and Overprocessed Hair To Restore a Healthy Look While Promoting Natural Hair Growth.
  • Product dimensions: 2.1 x 1.8''
  • Size: 2 fl. oz.
  • Available in 1-Pack or 2-Pack
How to use

Wiping it on the hair after washing, do not touch the scalp, massage the product in from the roots to the tips then comb through your hair with your fingers. Constantly massage hair to help hair faster absorb nutrition, recommended massage hair for 2-5 minutes, that will get better results.


Ingredients: Argan Oil, Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Orange Fruit Extract