Men's Classic Active Lifestyle Fit Kicks Footwear

Color: Black
Size: Small
Black / SmallMFITK2-S-BLK7229503152310.0 oz
Black / MediumMFITK2-M-BLK7229503152480.0 oz
Black / LargeMFITK2-L-BLK7229503152550.0 oz
Black / XLMFITK2-XL-BLK7229503152620.0 oz
Gray / SmallMFITK2-S-GRY7229503152790.0 oz
Gray / MediumMFITK2-M-GRY7229503152860.0 oz
Gray / LargeMFITK2-L-GRY7229503152930.0 oz
Gray / XLMFITK2-XL-GRY7229503153090.0 oz
Green / SmallMFITK2-S-GRN7229503151940.0 oz
Green / MediumMFITK2-M-GRN7229503152000.0 oz
Green / LargeMFITK2-L-GRN7229503152170.0 oz
Green / XLMFITK2-XL-GRN7229503152240.0 oz
Navy / SmallMFITK2-S-NVY7229503153160.0 oz
Navy / MediumMFITK2-M-NVY7229503153230.0 oz
Navy / LargeMFITK2-L-NVY7229503153300.0 oz
Navy / XLMFITK2-XL-NVY7229503153470.0 oz
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Experience athleisurewear at its finest. FITKICKS active lifestyle footwear is breathable and washable with a free-forming, ergonomic fit. Our durable FlexForm™ sole naturally contours to the unique shape of your foot with enough protection for workouts, water sports, and everyday wear.

  • Foldable, comfortable, and sporty
  • Durable FlexForm sole 
  • Four sizes: S=7-8, M=8.5-9.5, L=10-11, XL=11.5-12.5
  • Four colors: Navy, Green, Gray, and Ultra Black