Men's Knee-High Compression Socks Collection (3-Pairs or 6-Pairs)

Options: Levoca
Size: Small/Medium
Levoca / Small/MediumEF-3LEVCS-M8419171922938.0 oz
Levoca / Large/XLEF-3LEVCS-L8419171923098.0 oz
Ragusa / Small/MediumEF-3RAGCS-M8419171923928.0 oz
Ragusa / Large/XLEF-3RAGCS-L8419171924088.0 oz
Merida / Small/MediumEF-3MERCS-M8419171980048.0 oz
Merida / Large/XLEF-3MERCS-L8419171980118.0 oz
Toluca / Small/MediumEF-3TOLCS-M8419171980288.0 oz
Toluca / Large/XLEF-3TOLCS-L8419171980358.0 oz
Levoca/Ragusa / Small/MediumBUN-2-LEVCS-RAGCS-M-2958419171674138.0 oz
Levoca/Ragusa / Large/XLBUN-2-LEVCS-RAGCS-L-2968419171674208.0 oz
Merida/Toluca / Small/MediumBUN-2-MERCS-TOLCS-M-3968419171855618.0 oz
Merida/Toluca / Large/XLBUN-2-MERCS-TOLCS-L-3978419171855788.0 oz
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Make a statement wherever you go wearing a pair of these colorful knee-high compression socks. Great for travel and sports. Make certain you don't leave the house without sporting a pair of these fab socks! 

  • Compression fit 
  • Great for travel and sports
  • Material: 94% Polyester, 3% Spandex and  3% Other Fibers
Care Instructions
  • Turn Inside Out Before Washing
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • No Iron
  • Machine Wash, Cold Water
  • Do not Bleach

Small/Medium: men’s 6-9 and women’s 5-10
Large/XL sizing: men’s 9-12 and women’s 10-12