Mother's Love Nursing Bra

Color: Blue
Size: Small
Blue / SmallEF-KINLNB-BLU-S8419171260904.0 oz
Blue / MediumEF-KINLNB-BLU-M8419171261064.0 oz
Blue / LargeEF-KINLNB-BLU-L8419171261134.0 oz
Blue / XLEF-KINLNB-BLU-XL8419171261204.0 oz
Black / SmallEF-KINLNB-BLA-S8419171261374.0 oz
Black / MediumEF-KINLNB-BLA-M8419171261444.0 oz
Black / LargeEF-KINLNB-BLA-L8419171261514.0 oz
Black / XLEF-KINLNB-BLA-XL8419171261684.0 oz
White / SmallEF-KINLNB-WHI-S8419171261754.0 oz
White / MediumEF-KINLNB-WHI-M8419171261824.0 oz
White / LargeEF-KINLNB-WHI-L8419171261994.0 oz
White / XLEF-KINLNB-WHI-XL8419171262054.0 oz
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Comfort, accessibility, and discretion are the three must-have characteristics of a nursing bra. Mom needs to feed the baby while feeling comfortable and having some privacy. This Mother's Love Nursing Bra has a stretch design for complete comfort, a snap design for easy accessibility, and allows baby to feed with discretion. 

  • Front open design makes breastfeeding access easy for mom and baby
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Material: 90 % nylon and 10 % spandex
  • Breathable and stretch support 
  • Available in your color choice of Blue, White, or Black