Multilayer KN95 Respirator Safety Face Mask

Size: 5-Pack
5-PackEF-N95-A-5PK8419171335310.0 oz
10-PackEF-N95-A-10PK8419171335480.0 oz
Warehouse NameKN95 Mask
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  • Multilayer Soft Non-Woven Fabric with Nose Bridge FDA Certified 
  • MULTILAYER Protection
  • Up to 95% filtering efficiency
  • SOFT NON-WOVEN Fabric and breathable fibre
  • 3D ear hanging and lightweight design
  • FDA Certified
  • OSE BRIDGE for a better snug fit and comfort
  • Designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. 
  • Available in 5  or 10 Pack.