Natural Magnetic Hematite Stretch Bracelets For Men and Women

Weight LossTI-GELHB-MIX8419171702911.0 oz2.3 x 2.1''
RecoveryTI-GELHB-ROU8419171702841.0 oz2.3 x 2.1''
FocusTI-GELHB-SLA8419171702771.0 oz2.3 x 2.1''
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These natural magnetic hematite stretch bracelets may help relieve headaches, anemia, and nerve pains and are ideal for men and women alike

  • Stackable stretch bracelets
  • Multiple styles available
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • May help relieve headaches, anemia, and nerve pains.
  • May help in keeping negativity away.
  • May help in fat loss and better concentration.
  • Stone type: Magnetic hematite
  • Bracelet length: 7.5” (stretchable)
  • Choose from Weight loss, Focus or Recovery
  • Bracelet Perimeter - 8.6''
Options: Weight Loss