Naughty Lipstick

Color: #1
#1LS-LHNL-ONE8419171246830.5 oz
#2LS-LHNL-TWO8419171246900.5 oz
#3LS-LHNL-THR8419171247060.5 oz
#4LS-LHNL-FOU8419171247130.5 oz
#5LS-LHNL-FIV8419171247200.5 oz
#6LS-LHNL-SIX8419171247370.5 oz
#7LS-LHNL-SEV8419171247440.5 oz
#8LS-LHNL-EIG8419171247510.5 oz
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Makeup can be fun, it can be r-rated fun as well. Add beautiful color to that pout of yours with our naughty LipHop lippy. Not only does it add a splash of beauty, it will make you giggle when you watch the stick rise to the occasion of application. 

  • Naughty design 
  • Creamy texture for all-day wear 
  • Perfect for a splash of color 
  • Available in your choice of colors from #1 - #8